Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked

What is Trunked?
Trunked is a marketplace where we provide choice to the consumer based on your location to help local business. We aim to have second-hand goods to reduce the impact on the environment.
What can I buy on Trunked?
At this stage we currently support second-hand Computer products, Cameras, Mobiles, Books, Games and Movies.
Why choose to purchase on Trunked
Buying something on Trunked is about giving choice back to you. You help businesses in your local community thrive and by choosing second hand instead of new you are reducing waste in the environment.
What sort of businesses are on Trunked?
Local shops, Thrift stores and refurbished outlets.
How does making a request work?
A request is sent out to business' who have had stock similar to your request. They then check inventory and when an offer can be made you will recieve a message with product details.
Can I sell items on Trunked?
We currently allow any business with an ABN who has undergone our verification process to sent offers to customers.

Queries about recent shop

Does Trunked store payment details?
All transactions are handled by Stripe, and trunked does not store any credit card details. See our Privacy Policy for more information.
Am I purchasing the item from Trunked or the Seller?
Your purchase is with between yourself and the seller, and Trunked is unable to step in.
Refund enquiries?
Your legal rights under the ACCC in relation to second hand goods cover items that are damaged, broken or faulty. Sellers also have their own policies beyond your legal rights. Some may offer returns for change of mind or not fit for use.
Can I pick up the item from the Business?
Some business' have phyical stores or showrooms and allow for customers to pick up. The transaction must be processed within Trunked, otherwise penalties may apply. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information.
How much does shipping cost?
Each business has their own courier, and will provide a subtotal with shipping for you to view before completing the transaction.
Where can I track my package?
Some items offer tracking numbers. Under your order details after the seller has marked as sent, the tracking number will be there.

Becoming a 'Branch'

What is a 'Branch'?
A Branch is what we refer to as a Verified Business Parner with Trunked.
How can I become a Branch?
Follow this link to find out more about becoming a Branch
What is the verification process?
We have a process where we visit the business and audit supply, warranty and business practices.
What sort of items are sold on Trunked?
At this stage we currently support Computer products, Cameras, Mobiles, Books, Games and Movies.
What Warranties will I have to provide?
All Branches must honor a DOA (Dead on Arrival) guarantee, as well as any faulty product specifications according to ACCA.
What Shipping is provided?
Each Branch may have their own courier, otherwise we have a partnership with Sendle for all new Branches if they require a Courier.