About Us

Born in Melbourne '18

Trunked is a small business that values:

Honesty, Sustainability and Fairness

What is Trunked?

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We're an online valet that helps you find the highest quality second hand goods in your local area. We want to create a positive impact by focusing on local businesses. This gives you the chance to support those who support their community.

We believe that consumers deserve more options and accessibility than what’s presented to them in traditional retail environments. We strive to give choice back to our users everywhere, and to enable them to make lasting contributions to their local communities, as well as offset their impact as consumers on the environment.

What makes us unique

Valet Service!

Our system sends your requests to our network of verified sellers. Those who stock the items return with options to choose the product you like.

Socialy Responsible

One of our core beliefs is to work towards an environmentally and sustainable future. We try to ensure that by not only buying local, the environment also benefits!

Reasonable fees

Compared to competitors, we want to enable local businesses not hinder them. By offering fair fees, we want to give the opportunity to be able to give to local causes.

A place for local second hand stores to call home.

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